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Çokyaşar Academy is a platform specially prepared to contribute to both personal and professional development of our colleagues.

Çokyaşar Academy catalog consists of more than 7000 colorful, rich and useful content within the scope of 700 training packages gathered under 5 main categories.

We aim to offer our employees a unique training experience with content that will help them develop new skills by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digital transformation and e-learning.

Çokyaşar Academy

What is included in Çokyaşar Academy?

Excellence in Management

Trainings that develop leadership skills such as influencing, basic coaching, motivation management, delegation, managing change.

New World Skills

Trainings that develop skills in important areas of the last period such as digital literacy, digital transformation, big data,

Personal Excellence

· Trainings that develop skills such as team building, basic communication, emotional intelligence, continuous development, problem solving, conflict resolution,

Excellence at Work

Trainings that support the professional development of employees in areas such as finance, law, sales and trade,

Personal Awareness

Trainings covering skills such as work-life balance, emotion management, self-confidence.

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