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Honorary President

Ahmet Çokyaşar was born in Darende in 1941 and started to trade at a young age.

After starting hardware business in Adana in 1953, he established Özyaşar Tel ve Galvanizleme San. A.Ş. in 1973 in Istanbul and started his industrial life.

The group companies founded by Ahmet Çokyaşar, operating in fields such as wire galvanizing, knitting and weaving, today constitute an industrial group with nearly 900 employees, a turnover of approximately 200 million dollars and an export share of 75%.

For half a century, by maintaining its superior business ethics and honest working principles and protecting its values, it has acted with the aim of making its companies world brands in all areas in which it operates.

Ahmet Çokyaşar is one of the founders and a member of the Board of Directors of Darendeliler Yardımlaşma Eğitim ve Kültür Vakfı.

Message from the Board of Directors

We have left behind our first half century by maintaining the principles defined and implemented by our Honorary President Mr. Ahmet Çokyaşar. Today, we continue to grow and develop with more than 850 employees, the experience we have gained and the dynamism we maintain.

We attach importance to change because we believe that only those who keep pace with change will take firm steps into the future. Since day one, one of our greatest strengths has been to always work for the better while remaining true to our core principles. In this way, we develop value-added products by producing at world standards in our new, highly competitive facilities based on modern technology.

Adopting the technology of the future and rapidly implementing digital transformation processes are among our priorities. Within the framework of technology investments, we continue our strategic work on blockchain, artificial intelligence and the industrial internet of things.

We are motivated by the awareness of increasing our contribution to the national economy and adding more value to our employees. We support our economy in great solidarity with our customers, business partners and employees, based on shared values.

We fulfill our responsibilities towards society by redirecting our earnings to investments and social projects.

We continue our journey in line with our goal of becoming a leading company in our country and in the world with our high-tech, flexible production capability, participatory, open to innovation and development, environmentally sensitive, sustainable and lean way of doing business in every field we operate.

As the Çokyaşar Family, we would like to thank our colleagues, customers and business partners for the values they have brought us in our 50 years of business life.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors Message from the Board of Directors