Every Step

We Take Is For

A Better Future!

We operate based on our sustainability approaches, aiming to create lasting values in every geography we engage with, and strive to provide environmental, societal, cultural, and financial benefits.

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For a Better


We will continue to offer innovative projects to society and the business world in our business processes, services and products. In our operational plans and practices, we have pledged to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations.


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Gender Equality

An Inclusive and

Equal Work Culture

We take steps to improve equality between men and women and encourage women to participate more in business life.

Gender equality and equal opportunities, inclusiveness, diversity and accessibility are among the leading principles that we carefully observe in all our companies, in every decision, in every practice and at every stage.

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Accessible and Clean Energy

Energy Use with

Respect for Nature

We prioritize renewable energy sources and the use of clean and safe energy in our investments. We develop solutions that will increase energy efficiency for all our processes.


We produce a total of 3.470.297 kWh/year of electricity with our solar energy panels on the roof of our Çokyaşar Halat and Çokyaşar Tel production facilities, and we cover approximately 20-40% of the electrical energy of our facilities annually with our Solar Power Plant projects.

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Responsible Production and Consumption

Hand in Hand for Nature

Protecting nature is one of our most fundamental duties. With this awareness, we take effective measures and implement new practices to reduce our environmental impact.

By reducing 1,592,707 kg of CO2 with our renewable energy sources, we contribute the equivalent of planting 67,398 red pine trees annually.

With the Advanced Technology Water Treatment Plant in Özyaşar Wire production facility, we provide 100% recovery and reuse of wastewater.

Protecting nature is one of our most fundamental duties. With this awareness, we take effective measures to reduce our environmental impact and implement new practices.

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Environmentally Friendly Production:

An Economic and Ecological


We integrate environmentally friendly practices into our production processes to protect natural resources and the ecosystem, prevent pollution and save energy.

We take decisive measures to reduce the negative impacts of climate change and strive to raise awareness.

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Reducing Inequalities

We Struggle

to Eliminate Inequalities

We do our part for a world where language, religion, race and gender differences are richness, where women and men have equal rights, and where everyone has access to education and work opportunities under fair and equal conditions.

With Çokyaşar Academy, we support all our employees and contribute to their individual and professional development by providing equal opportunities to increase their competencies through training and mentoring programs.

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Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Effective, Comprehensive,

Responsible Approach

We act fairly, respectfully and transparently towards our employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders, and apply a zero-tolerance policy for negative behavior.

Directing the Future Together

To Give

We cooperate with business partners with whom we share the same vision of the future; we carry out joint projects, produce innovative solutions, learn and share best practices to achieve sustainable development goals.

Thanks to our trust-based business partnerships, we increase both our own business performance and the sustainability of our industry. We see sustainability as an opportunity, not a responsibility.

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