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Panadorf Secure

It is used for protection, containment and security at the borders of areas with high security needs such as military facilities, nuclear facilities, prisons, airports.

It is designed to provide high security where it is used.

Usage areas

Wire Netting

Industries it operates in

Technicial Specifications

Areas of UseThese components are used for defining the boundaires and securing the perimeter around areas with high security requirements, space used for infrastructure and transport services and public areas, as well as industrial and agricutural areas. They are also used to prevent or impede the entry of people and animals to such areas. While offering these benefits, they also ensure for the said places and areas to have an image that is conformity with their surroundings.
Primary ColorThe primary color fo all PANADORF SECURE series compnents, which are manufactured pre-painted, is RAL 6005 GREEN and the components can be produced in different colors in case of sufficient demand.
Color AlternativesThey can also be provided without paint, in galvanized form.
Patented Galvanized Wire Gabion Wire Panadorf Euro