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PVC Coated Wire

It is produced by coating hot-dipped galvanized wire with PVC material after a special process in state-of-the-art machines.

PVC coated wires have a smooth and robust surface with superior resistance against corrosion, oxidation, acid, alkali, aging, sunlight and various weather conditions.

Materials protected by PVC coating are reinforced with additional substances against corrosion; the coated layer forms a sticky, shiny and durable surface.

Usage areas

PVC coated welded cage

Industries it operates in

Technicial Specifications

MaterialLow-carbon PVC coated wire
CoatingHot-dip galvanized
Wire Diameter2,70-4,75 mm
Coating Thickness40-350 g/m²
Tensile Strength350-520 N/mm²
Coil Weight100-700 kg
PackagingRosette coil
Areas of UseProduction of fences