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Panadorf Euro

It is a versatile product with both demarcation and decorative functions.

It is used to securely and aesthetically enclose residential, garden and public areas and to define the boundaries of industrial and agricultural areas.

It is also suitable for use in gardens, walls, open and closed areas for decorative purposes.

Usage areas

Wire Netting

Industries it operates in

Technicial Specifications

Areas of UseThe product is used for establishing the boundaries and securing the perimeter of residences, gardens, public areas, industrial fcilities and agricultural spaces. It is also used as fencing for creating and protecting personal, private and public areas and forming gardens, walled-in areas, indoor or outdoor sections for decorative purposes.
Primary ColorRAL 6005 GREEN, RAL 7016 ANTHRACITE
Color AlternativesThe primary color fo all PANADORF EURO series components, which are manufactured pre-painted, is RAL 6005 GREEN and the components can be produced in different colors in case of sufficient demand. These can also be provided without paint, in galvanized form
Mesh Size50 x 200 mm / 55 x 200 mm
Wire Diameter4,00 mm 5,00 mm
Height830 mm - 2.930
Horizontal Length2000 mm - 2500 mm
ColorAll RAL 6005 range of colors or galvanized only
Patented Galvanized Wire Gabion Wire Panadorf Secure