We are aware that the risk of occupational accidents is very high in the metal industry.

We attach great importance to OHS trainings and offer both theoretical and practical OHS trainings to all our employees beyond the limits set by legal regulations.

We organize these trainings in the form of orientation training and on-the-job training for new recruits and subcontractors, and we periodically repeat OHS trainings in the work schedule.

In order to be prepared for emergencies such as fire and natural disasters, we carry out emergency drills with the participation of experts from outside the company on every working schedule.

Guidance Documents

As Çokyaşar Holding, we prepare OHS handbooks, instructions and support documents, taking into account all the risks that our employees may encounter during work, and offer them to our employees together with trainings.

These documents ensure that our employees are aware of occupational health and safety, recognize and prevent risks, and show how they should act in emergencies.

The training supported by documents ensures that our employees gain the necessary behavioral awareness to protect the health and safety of both themselves and their colleagues.

Process Safety

Risk assessments carried out in our factories are planned and implemented on a process basis in accordance with ISO 45001 standards.

High-risk areas are indicated on the process diagram and marked throughout the factory so that all our personnel can see them.

Performance Monitoring

By adopting ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety standards in Çokyaşar Holding and its affiliated companies, an effective audit system has been established to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases with a PROACTIVE approach (taking precautions before incidents occur).

In line with the TARGET OF A WORKPLACE WITH ZERO ACCIDENTS, we aim to prevent possible occupational accidents by monitoring and combining the OHS data of all factories.

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