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Shine Your Star in Çokyaşar Holding's Young Talent Programme!

We are here with the Future Stars Programme, which we have prepared for our young talents who will build the country and the world of the future and who we see as the leaders of tomorrow!

We are looking for passionate individuals who are eager to improve themselves and take part in innovative projects and who say innovation is everything for me.

If you want to make a career in the world of tomorrow and make a difference in the sector, you are in the right place.

Here are the steps of the 'Future Stars' journey that you will start with us as a candidate...

Future Stars (Young Talent Program)

Future Stars Privileges

  • Taking part in real projects,
  • Access to Çokyaşar Academy
  • State-of-the-art equipment support
  • Feedback and development follow-up at certain intervals,
  • Mentor support

Programme content

Within the 6-month programme, we have prepared a detailed orientation process for you, and after completing the orientation process, we aim to take part in real projects, assign tasks, and actually work together as a department employee. There will also be expectations from you to make projects or prepare presentations specific to the position. Our aim is to contribute to our development by mutual sharing while walking on the same path.

Application and Job Interviews

Applications from recruitment channels (universities, online platforms, career fairs, etc.) are evaluated. Advertisements will be opened in the periods determined by the company.

In our interviews, it is our priority to explain the company's position, vision and mission in the sector. We will also convey valuable projects in the sector and the labour market about the relevant department. Our job interviews are two-stage; We aim to conduct a Human Resources interview and a technical interview. During or after the interview, a written or oral exam will be determined specifically for the position, and it is also possible to be subjected to the evaluation stage.

During the interview process, candidates may be assigned a case study or project task that we expect to produce solutions to real world problems. Group activities can be organised to evaluate teamwork and communication skills.

Orientation Process

Information is given about the general process and functioning, the units that may be needed in the harmonisation process and how the processes will work against the situations. The formation of the organisational structure, department introduction is carried out. One-to-one introductions are made with colleagues, and then training assignments are made for basic competence gains through Çokyaşar Academy.

As of the day they start the programme, the orientation process starts within the departments of the department to which they are affiliated for one month. For one month, it is aimed to have information about the function of the department within the department, work flow planning and business processes. After the orientation, the unit will start the process of task assignments and job follow-up before the manager. After completing the department orientation (when they will work in the departments), factory visits can be planned starting from the 3rd month.

The departments that will be included in the Factory Orientation process are Maintenance - Repair, Warehouse and Dispatch, Production Lines, Purchasing and Production Planning, Quality and Projects, Occupational Health and Safety departments.

Work Life

After completing the orientation processes, you will now feel that you are a Çokyaşar employee. After that, you will be expected to take part in real projects, to be involved in department or department workflow processes, to make task assignments and to make a presentation if a project is requested from you towards the end of the programme.


At the end of the 6th month, we will celebrate your graduation as Çokyaşar Future Stars after you complete the programme. We always wish to continue on the road together in line with the organisation needs.

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