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ACSR (carrier steel wire for cables with aluminium conductors) are wires and monotron ropes used in power lines, which require high capacity and strength.

ACSR wires are galvanised steel wires used in these cables. ACSR wires/steel show less elastic or inelastic deformation in the face of mechanical stresses or loading and have a lower coefficient of thermal expansion.

Thanks to these properties, ACSR serves as a carrier for aluminium conductors.

Usage areas

Power Line
Aluminum Cable

Industries it operates in

Technicial Specifications

MaterialHigh-carbon steel wire
CoatingHot-dip galvanized (Zn)
Wire Diameter1,24-5,50 mm
Coating Thickness180-320 g/m²
Tensile Strength1100-1800 n/mm²
Coil Weight375-1100 kg
PackagingRosette coil, Z2-Z3 coil, wooden spool D=630 mm and D=800 mm
Areas of UseOverhead line conductors
StandardsEN 50189-ASTM B498
Armouring Wire