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Our Energy Policy

Respect for nature and efficiency are at the heart of our energy policy; with the awareness that energy is a valuable resource, we continue to be a pioneer in energy efficiency by establishing and implementing the ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

  • Using energy and natural resources without waste,
  • To follow and implement technological developments that increase energy efficiency,
  • Maximum utilization of by-product gases and waste heat,
  • Prevent energy losses through continuous measurement and monitoring.

Our Environmental Policy

It is our duty to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment and to use natural resources rationally.

  • To follow technological innovations, process improvements and best practices by adapting ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to all our processes,
  • To act in accordance with environmental laws, regulations and international standards,
  • Identifying and monitoring environmental risks and opportunities; improving our environmental performance with a continuous improvement approach,
  • Preventing waste generation, promoting recycling and recovery, and producing solutions,
  • Selecting raw materials that do not harm the environment and human health,
  • To take necessary precautions by identifying the effects that may cause environmental pollution in advance; to take care not to harm the environment in all processes from design to the end of the life cycle,
  • To fulfill our responsibilities to create a clean environment that we can leave to future generations.

Our Social Responsibility Policy

We see it as part of our corporate culture to give back to society what we earn from society. We are committed to being a part of and supporting sustainable projects that contribute to the development of society and add value to the society and geography we live in.

  • Respect human rights and support the principles enshrined in internationally recognized human rights documents,
  • Fighting corruption,
  • Not allowing any form of illegal labor in the contractor/subcontractor companies we receive services from. To reject practices such as forced labor, prison labor, apprenticeship contracts, labor against debt, military labor or slave labor and human trafficking,
  • Prohibit people under the age of 18 from working in hazardous work in our workplaces,
  • Protecting the rights of our foreign national employees. To prepare employment contracts in Turkish and in the language they understand; not to take their original documents from them, not to put them in debt or make them work illegally,
  • In the event that the employee leaves the job, not to prevent or delay this, except for any security reasons,
  • Protect employee personal information and retain it to the extent required by law.

Work Ethics

Our business ethics as employees, managers and as an organization are based on putting our company values at the heart of our every decision.

  • To adhere to the principle of honesty and transparency in all our business relationships and processes, to act in a principled, responsible and realistic manner, and to meet the standards expected of us,
  • To take part in the implementation of this code of conduct at the highest level in our relations with our employees and all our stakeholders, and to be in consistent cooperation,
  • To be sensitive to the confidentiality and protection of information,
  • To pay attention to the confidentiality of information and protection of private information of our employees, customers, competitors and all other stakeholders in our activities, business relations and behaviors; to keep all information entrusted to us securely.

Employees of Çokyaşar Holding, Özyaşar Tel subsidiaries and affiliates are obliged to act in accordance with the principle of confidentiality and to implement the Code of Ethics at all levels of our Company. All details are included in our Ethical Principles Regulation.

Sustainability, Compliance with Legal Requirements Our Policies

We are sensitive to the environment and society in all our processes.

  • Avoiding doing business with organizations and individuals who violate public morality and harm the environment and public health,
  • As a Company that respects the environment, to prioritize human and public health both in our own activities and in our relations with our business partners; to protect the environment and our environmental assets,
  • Comply with all occupational, safety and health laws and standards in our work,
  • To consider the consequences of environmental pollution and consumption of natural resources in our investment decisions,
  • To raise awareness of all our employees on issues such as the protection of environmental resources, energy saving and recycling,
  • To participate in and support sustainable projects that add value to the society and geography we live in with a sense of social responsibility and contribute to the development of society,
  • To comply with the relevant national and international legal regulations and requirements and to follow their currency.

Disclosure and Transparency Policy

As a stakeholder of the society, Özyaşar Tel informs the public on its website and social media accounts.

Innovation Policy

With our innovation efforts, we aim to realize what has not yet been done and solidify our future in the sector.

  • In this direction, to carry out research and development activities to provide environmentally friendly, energy efficient, innovative and high quality products and services in the metal industry,
  • To realize our activities with the understanding of continuous improvement and development,
  • To operate in accordance with sustainable development goals.

Confidential Information Protection Policy

It is the common responsibility of all our companies and employees to ensure the effective use of information, which is one of the most important assets that Çokyaşar Holding, Özyaşar Tel subsidiaries and affiliates will use to realise their vision, to share it correctly and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information in this process. It is important that the management systems and processes established for the management and confidentiality of information in our companies are in harmony with each other in order to obtain the highest level of benefit. Details of the relevant practices are included in the Information Security Policy and related documents. The following code of practice defines confidential information for our Companies and regulates the principles that employees must comply with regarding confidential information.

Application Guidelines

Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, Holding/Companies' trademarks, etc. Intellectual rights, including, but not limited to, trademarks, etc. of the Holding/Companies, all kinds of innovations, databases, printed communication materials, processes, advertisements, product packaging and labels and plans (marketing, product, technical), business strategies, strategic partnerships and information on partners, financial information, personnel information, customer lists, product designs, information obtained from experience, specifications, identity of potential and actual customers, information on suppliers, etc. It includes all kinds of written, graphic or machine-readable information.

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