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As Çokyaşar family, we believe that the basis of success lies, above all, in the development of human resources.

In this direction, we are constantly working to improve Human Resources Management Processes and make them more effective.

Our aim is to provide a pleasant and happy working life for individuals who are reliable, committed to ethical values, open to change, market-oriented, entrepreneurial, innovative, set challenging goals and work at a high pace to achieve them, open to cooperation, participatory.

Our Recruitment Policy

We continue to grow by recruiting candidates who can carry our deep-rooted history, experience and expertise into the future, adapt quickly to our corporate culture, are open to development and change, and are ready to make a difference.

In our selection and placement process, we offer career and development opportunities to young graduates with high competence and potential.

For open positions, if there are candidates with the required competencies within the company, it is our priority to give them the opportunity. In case there are no suitable candidates for internal recruitment, we conduct external recruitment through various advertisements and channels.

Job applications can be made by answering our online advertisements, through our website or directly to our Human Resources department. Applications are pre-qualified by our experts according to the criteria determined for the open positions. We invite candidates who meet the criteria to an interview and aim to add the most suitable candidate to the Çokyaşar Family.

Our Education Policy

By investing in the training and development of our employees, we aim to make a difference both individually and corporately, and to move forward in line with the strategic vision of our Group and our companies.

We support our employees' learning, individual and professional development efforts by taking responsibility for their own development. It is among our priorities that our managers guide our employees by taking on coaching and mentoring responsibilities.

Our Remuneration Policy

Our remuneration management is carried out in accordance with the remuneration policies determined by taking into account market conditions, the size of our company and its long-term vision, and in compliance with the law by considering the scope of our employees' work, their performance and internal and external wage fairness.

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