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Annealed wires are used for binding and fastening purposes in many industries. Manufacturers produce wires in different wire diameters, different strengths and packaging to meet different needs. One of the most widely preferred wire types is annealed wire.

What is Annealed Wire?

Annealed wire is also known as annealed bond wire. Annealed wire is low carbon steel wire that is annealed to increase ductility and reduce hardness. These processes allow the wires to gain flexibility without losing their durability.

Annealed wire is used as iron binding wire in the construction industry. Flexible and robust, annealed wire provides ease of use. Black annealed wire is annealed in annealing furnaces with vacuum system and annealed in furnaces that can reach 900°C. Annealed wire is preferred for connecting structural elements in construction application areas. It is also widely used in the recycling sector.

What is Annealed Wire? What Does It Do? Where is it Used?

How is Annealed Wire Made?

In order to change the physical properties of the wire, it is subjected to annealing by heating and cooling. Annealing removes some of the hardness in the metal. It makes the wire more ductile. This increases the wire's ability to be shaped.

Annealed Wire Types

Black annealed wire takes its name from its distinctive black color after the annealing process. Made from low carbon steel or iron, black annealed wire is often used for binding in the construction and recycling industries. In the annealing process, the steel wire is heated in a furnace, softening it and changing its color from silver or gray to black.

Black annealed wire is very flexible and can be easily shaped. For this reason, it is ideal for manual or automatic binding processes.

Where is annealed wire used?

Annealed wire is preferred in many areas because it is durable and flexible.

Construction industry: It is used as iron binding wire in the construction industry.

Manufacturing industry: used in general purpose baling processes.

Recycling industry: It is used to bind scrap pieces such as cardboard, metal or paper for easier transportation in the plant.

In addition to its use in the industrial sector, annealed wire is also preferred in the consumer and commercial sectors.

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