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Cold drawing is the re-processing and drawing of rolled steel wires in low carbon steels. The cold drawing process aims to achieve better durability, strength, flexibility and smooth outer surface. Cold drawn wire has high strength and hardness, high elastic limit and fatigue limit after appropriate treatment or cold drawing hardening. 

What is Cold Drawn Steel Wire?

Cold drawing process can be applied to low and high carbon steels. According to the desired wire diameter in the cold drawing process, rolling series are determined by special calculations according to the customer's strength requirements and cold wire drawing process is carried out at appropriate speeds. Cold drawn steel is processed at room temperature. In the cold drawing process, a significantly improved surface quality is obtained compared to hot rolling. The hardness, yield and tensile strength of the material increases. While hardness increases, ductility decreases. The desired hardness can be obtained on the surface without heat treatment

What is Cold Drawn Wire?

Cold Drawn Wire Usage Areas

  • Increased mechanical properties, providing high yield strengths, tensile strength and hardness.
  • Improved surface treatment. Reduces surface treatment and improves quality.
  • Allows higher machining speed.
  • Faster response to spheroidization with superior formability.
  • Cold drawn steel wire has a better surface finish than hot rolled steel.
  • Cold drawn wire can be produced in the desired diameter range.

Cold Drawn Wire Uses

Cold drawn wire, with its low or high carbon content, is mainly used in the production of nails, wire, wire mesh, fencing or in areas such as plastic and zinc coating. Cold drawn wire can be found in a wide range of applications from the construction industry to building materials, textiles, agriculture and animal husbandry.

Cold drawn wire products have various applications in industrial and commercial environments. Cold drawn wire is found in tools used in the automotive, industrial and consumer industries.

In addition to being used in the production of nails, wire mesh, gratings, cold drawn steel wire provides material for many small parts used by the automotive industry. These include retaining rings, brake springs and exhaust scoops.

Cold drawn wire is also used in the agricultural industry and is found in power springs, cables, wedge wires, structural components, fasteners, hand tools, auger wires and rake teeth. Cold drawn wire can also be used in different areas such as grating, shelving and tilt rods for window blinds.

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