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Galvanized wire is a type of wire produced by hot dipped galvanized wire and electro galvanized wire. The use of hot-dipped galvanized wire is more common. Galvanized wire is obtained by dipping the steel wire produced into liquid zinc. With this dipping process, the surface of the steel wire is protected against corrosion.

In hot-dip galvanized wire, the steel wire is dipped in molten zinc. The zinc layer increases the corrosion resistance of the steel wire. The purpose of hot-dipped galvanized wires is to provide resistance against rust and corrosion and to extend the life of the wire. Therefore, hot-dipped galvanized wire has a long service life.

If we list the advantages of using galvanized wire;

Advantages of Using Galvanized Wire

Long Lasting

Galvanized wire dipped in zinc is resistant to rust and corrosion. In this way, the service life of galvanized wire is long. Although the corrosion resistance life for galvanized wire varies depending on the zinc coating thickness, according to EN 10244 norms, Class A coated wire has a corrosion resistance of 20-25 years in urban areas and over 50 years in rural areas.

Different Solutions for Different Needs

The hot-dip method used to galvanize wires is the most economical and efficient method against rust. Different galvanized steel wires can be produced for every need by changing the amount of zinc coating. In this way, savings are achieved in production. Different solutions can be produced for different needs.

Corrosion Resistant

Galvanized wire is coated with a physical barrier that is resistant to moisture and corrosion. It is therefore resistant to corrosion and rust. The zinc layer on the surface of the wire acts as a barrier between steel and air.

Low Cost

Galvanized wire can be produced more cost-effectively than other coated wires. In addition, since it does not require surface preparation, coating, inspection and painting, it is produced ready for use on delivery. This will save customers additional preparation costs when they buy galvanized wire.

Easy to Use

Unlike other materials, galvanized wire is ready for use as soon as it is delivered. It does not require any additional preparation, painting and coating.

Hard Coating

The zinc coating on galvanized wire makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. The zinc coating acts as a protective buffer, shielding the wire from oxygen and moisture.

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