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Armouring wires are wires with coating properties produced according to the relevant standards. Armouring wire is used as a protective coating on copper to protect the cables used in energy, telecommunication, high voltage lines, traffic signal, underwater umbilical cables and similar fields against external factors.

What is Armouring Wire? What are the Areas of Use?

Packaging and Uses of Armouring Wires

There are many areas where armoring wires are used. These areas are especially high voltage lines, underwater umbilical energy carrier lines and similar areas. Armoring wires are frequently preferred as protective products in power lines.

Armoring wires have many forms of packaging. These can be considered as rosette wrapped coils, disposable baskets, wooden or metal reels.

High Conductivity Galvanized Round Steel Armoring Wire

They are armouring wires whose galvanization amount is determined according to the relevant standards and produced within the framework of these standards. In addition to their high conductive properties, the galvanized coating rate on them is also produced according to international standards such as EN 10244-2.

The technical values of these wires are determined by international standards, and the relevant customer's demands such as packaging and labeling can also be evaluated.

Galvanized armouring wires are generally produced according to 10244-2 EU standard A class quality. Apart from their high conductive structure, these wires are high quality wires coated with a very special alloy in order to increase the corrosion resistance of the armouring wire in the long term and to obtain a brighter surface.

Armouring wires are also wires that can be produced by the armor wire manufacturer upon special request of the customer. For this reason, what is actually important for armor manufacturers is to be able to produce in accordance with customer requests and standards.

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