High carbon steels are classified as alloy steels and are referred to as high carbon steel wire due to the high carbon content in the raw material used. At this point, high carbon wires are used in many areas thanks to their special structure. It is possible to see high carbon wires in the market mostly in the construction and manufacturing sector. High carbon steels provide better hardness, tensile and yield resistance depending on the amount of carbon in their content compared to other varieties. However, resistance decreases may occur in cases such as elongation, cross-sectional contraction and impact, which are referred to as ductility.

The amount of carbon in high carbon wires directly affects many points related to the process details. In this sense, the ability to take shape varies according to the amount of carbon in the high carbon wire.

What is Patented High Carbon Wire?

How Many Groups Are Carbon Steels Divided?

Carbon steels bring different values and properties when evaluated in many aspects. In this sense, carbon steels are classified in three different groups. You can find carbon steels and their properties below.

Low Carbon Steel: This type of steel is a group in which steels containing up to 0.20% carbon are classified. In terms of their physical properties, their forms can be considered as mild steels. Low carbon steels are the group that accounts for the largest amount of steel production in the world. It is a type of steel that can be hardened more superficially.

Medium Carbon Steel: Medium carbon steels contain between 0.20-0.45% carbon. You can harden this steel group sufficiently by applying heat treatment. The machine manufacturing industry is one of the leading areas of use of medium carbon steels. Since their processing and shaping capabilities are low, it is very important to carry out all applications with extra dedication.

High Carbon Steel: High carbon steels have a carbon level higher than 0.45%. Thanks to this feature, high carbon steels can be hardened with various applications. In terms of cutting and impact resistance, high carbon steels surpass others. However, despite this, high carbon steels are not very prone to forming and machining.

Patented high carbon steel wire is the name given to wires whose technical properties have been improved after a special patenting process and whose machinability - redrawing ability has been increased. It is the product group where product quality stands out the most among steel wires.

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