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ACSR, or aluminum conductor steel reinforced cables, are cables with high capacity and high strength used in power lines. ACSR wires are galvanized steel wires used in these cables. They are products designed by Özyaşar Tel, one of the most experienced ACSR wire manufacturers in the sector, to be compatible with outdoor environments.

The ACSR wire manufacturer can also produce additional strength ASCR ropes that help to support the weight of the aluminum wires in the center. ACSR rope manufacturers, on the other hand, make ACSR cables more durable with the ropes they produce. In the same way, the ACSR rope manufacturer must produce higher strength products to avoid more mechanical stress on the conductor steel. In this way, ACSR wires will be stronger and more durable and their service life will be extended.

What is ACSR Wire? ACSR Wire Usage Areas

The mechanical stresses or loads that may occur on ACSR wires or steels have a lower elastic or inelastic deformation and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion. Thanks to these properties, ACSR ensures that there is no significant change in the aluminum conductivity ratio and meets the relevant national and international standards.

ACSR Usage Areas

ACSR is often used in intercity power lines as a carrier in aluminum cables.

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