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PVC coated wire is a material used in the production of spiral mesh fence. Especially in houses with gardens, spiral mesh fence made of PVC coated wire is frequently used when determining the land boundary in agricultural areas. In addition, if fruits or vegetables are grown in gardens, PVC coated wire can be used to protect the land. Many people who want to have a PVC coated can search for answers to the questions of what are the properties of PVC coated wire, what are the usage areas of PVC coated wire? We have compiled the curious things about PVC coated wire for you.

What is PVC Coated Wire? How is it used?

What is PVC CoatedWire?

PVC wire is a recyclable material. The spiral mesh fence made of PVC coated wire, which has UV resistance against sunlight, does not fade in color for a long time. PVC coated spiral mesh fence is washable. The most striking feature of PVC wire, which has an aesthetic appearance, is that it has an economical and long-lasting structure. Due to these features, fence systems made of PVC coated wire are highly preferred environmental security systems.

What are the Features of PVC Coated Wire?

The most important feature of PVC coated wire is its long-lasting and economical structure. PVC coated panel fence, which is resistant to corrosion, is soft and usually green in color. PVC coated wire is resistant to the harmful rays of the sun and sudden temperature changes. It can also be produced in all desired RAL codes.

PVC coated wire is generally obtained by coating 1 mm colored PVC granules on 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm hot dipped galvanized wire. It is applied in this way.

Where is PVC Coated Wire Used?

PVC coated wire is used in many areas because it is economical and long-lasting. The most important reason why PVC coated wire is preferred is that it is resistant to corrosion. It is a frequently preferred material especially around parks and gardens, sports fields. PVC coated wire is also a sought-after material for environmental safety. It is widely preferred in special security zones and various industrial works.

In addition to public use, PVC coated wire is also preferred in private property. Fences made of PVC coated wire are used especially in houses with gardens and when determining the land boundary.

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